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Danny Wainwright
Dracula 2018
A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol 
***** By Charles Dickens
Adapted and Directed By Danny Wainwright
Produced by Let Them Call It Mischief and The Pleasance Theatre Trust


Let Them Call It Mischief return to the Pleasance with an all new adaptation of Charles Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol. Ebenezer Scrooge is miserable, angry and just plain mean - even at Christmas time. When he gets visited by the ghost of his old friend Jacob Marley on Christmas Eve, Scrooge knows this won’t be any normal festive period.


A Bit of Christmas Spirit

There’s no doubt it’s Christmas at the Pleasance. The temperature’s dropped, the evenings are drawing in and Let Them Call It Mischief are back with a brand new take on that old festive favourite, A Christmas Carol.

We asked director Danny Wainwright what made him choose to adapt this classic text.

“For me, Christmas has always been about A Christmas Carol in all its different guises. It’s always been a part of my Christmases; from the book, to the excellent Bill Murray film Scrooged to The Muppet Christmas Carol. I think it’s still as relevant today as it was in 1843.”

But surely he must have faced challenges in adapting the text for the stage and updating it to make the show more accessible for a modern audience. “There are always challenges in adapting anything, how close to stay to the original material, whether to update the setting or the language, or just to use the source material’s themes as a starting point and let your imagination take you somewhere completely different.” 

“The challenge really has been working out what is really important to the story and focussing on that” Danny continues. “The great thing about theatre is that you can show pages of scene-setting in a moment, which really helps to bring the story to life.”

The stakes are high at Christmas time though, with so many shows - not to mention the dreaded pantomimes - on offer, it’s undeniably a busy time for theatres across the country. So what should the theatregoers of north London expect from the Pleasance this year?

“Audiences can expect a fun, fast-paced retelling of A Christmas Carol, with plenty of silliness thrown in for good measure! No one need worry about any preconceptions of Dickens being overly serious or arduous or difficult to understand. We’ve got 7 great actors playing over 40 characters in a show with something for everyone, if you’re 8 or 108.”

A Christmas Carol, 9th December - 4th January


Will his extraordinary adventure teach him the spirit of Christmas and show him what he’s been missing? Join Scrooge as he’s taken on a magical by a host of wonderful characters that will change his life forever.


The perfect Christmas feast.


The Flaneur     


该混搭, Mary Poppins的风格,卡通伦敦腔的舞蹈也是一个真正的快乐,因为是令人作呕的小男孩谁感叹,贾静雯的豪门的写照“什么,火鸡那么大吗? ”
一旦你过去,教宗本笃华林的守财奴长相酷似喜剧演员罗布·纽曼打扮成一个老头,他历史上的今天喜剧惯例的事实,他是一个非常令人满意的守财奴,更舒适,他“呸!骗子! “的人物不是判若两人。
事实上,可以作出这个温暖的,充满活力的表演唯一的批评是没有任何远程可怕的时刻 - 雅各布马利的鬼魂是相当可爱的,和圣诞节​​连鬼还没来的样子,他可能会很有趣如果他放松了一晚上。但是,一边狡辩,这种生产是一个真正的节日滋补和治疗正品。

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