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Danny Wainwright
Dracula 2018
The Alchemist

The Alchemist
Author Ben Jonson
Written 1610
Danny Wainwright.
The Whitebear
27 March-18 April 2012

When gentleman Lovewit is forced to flee his London dwelling, conmen Face and Subtle set up shop. Jonson’s acerbic satire on human folly, greed, and vanity sees a succession of fools and fops hoodwinked by the work of our (anti-)heroes. Their victims come seeking the elixirs and potions for sexual conquests, endless riches and eternal youth.

Let Them Call It Mischief have located The Alchemist in Victorian London, where a sense of grime and intrigue is intertwined with elements of the vaudeville and music hall. With original music from composer Jenny Green and innovative design by Ele Slade, expect to be surprised and entertained in equal measure.


Let Them Call It Mischief’s production of The Alchemist certainly can’t be accused of being dull, no matter what your 
perspective on this Ben Jonson satire full of preposterous characters, ludicrous mishaps and all-encompassing mayhem. Full Review

THE GIZZLE REVIEW  4*   starstarstarstar

The acting was the highlight of this production

Face is played with suitable airs of affectation and deference by the director Danny Wainwright, who has created a world where magic, 
mischief and mayhem hold sway over easily gulled gentry and an upwardly mobile middle class. starstarstarstar



In a world where we’ve all been fool’s for gold, Let Them Call it Mischief, have struck gold with The Alchemist. Tessa concludes, 
It is such a brilliant play – full of trickery and laughs, and it’s been so much fun to put together. And it shows….......

venessa Bunn for extraextra

Let Them Call It Mischief have chosen the material for their first venture wisely and well, and meet their stated brief entirely, 
managing to “delight and to entertain, and bring a little bit of London's theatrical history to life” with this revival.

Superb! The opening fairground or music hall tune sets the showtime tone; the green-inset pannelled wall with its multiple hatches of various sizes confounds 
us with complexity and intrigues us with what lies hidden beyond. Ed Cartwright is the tall, slender Subtle; Danny Wainwright stood in as the shorter, stockier Face; 
Stephanie Hampton completes the trio as Dol Common................

Peter Kerwan

The Alchemist thrived in the hands of this young company, rendering the action clear and entirely amusing. It also confirmed my suspicion that sympathy inevitably lies with Face - despite Surly's clear-sightedness (though in this production, his folly was confirmed by ludicrous tears following his loss of Dame Pliant), Subtle's cleverness and Dol's festiness, it's the steady and practical Face that controls everything. Fully entertaining, and I'll look forward to seeing what the company offers next.............................

As Director, Danny Wainwright points out, You don’t have to be an English student or history buff to enjoy these plays. 
Anyone who lives in and loves this city as much as we do will love them! We want to re-awaken people to their importance, 
and the fun that is within them. That’s what we hope people will take away with them.



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